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Our contract hiring solutions helped a travel company scale in 2 weeks

A renowned travel brand operating across the B2B and the B2C segment, renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences, sought to leverage staff augmentation solutions to accelerate the launch of four innovative new verticals within its portfolio of services.


Revenue Increase:


Enhanced Operational Efficiency:


Cost Saving:
Staff Augmentation
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Business Challenge

The travel brand faced the challenge of scaling its operations and launching new verticals within a tight timeframe, without compromising on the quality of its services. Limited internal resources and expertise posed significant constraints, hindering the brand's ability to execute its expansion plans effectively. The imperative was clear - to augment the existing team with skilled professionals who could accelerate the launch of new verticals and drive business growth.

Our Solution

Drawing upon our expertise in staff augmentation, Expand My Business shortlisted 30+ profiles for their four open positions to address their challenges.


Requirement Assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the travel brand's staffing requirements and skill gaps was conducted to identify key areas where staff augmentation could provide value and support business expansion.


Talent Acquisition

Skilled professionals with expertise in relevant tech stacks for the launch of new verticals, such as destination management, tour operations, and customer experience management, were sourced, interviewed and onboarded to work on the project.


Project Management

Dedicated project managers were assigned to coordinate the development of the new verticals, ensuring seamless coordination between internal teams and aligned resources to deliver project milestones.


Ongoing Support

Continuous support and training were provided to augmented staff members, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into the travel brand's culture and operations and contribute effectively to the success of new vertical launches.


The impact of our staff augmentation solutions was evident in the successful launch of new verticals before the decided timelines with 100% technical efficiency.


Revenue Increase:

A remarkable 27% increase in revenue generated from newly launched verticals within the first six months of implementation, demonstrating the effectiveness of staff augmentation in driving business expansion.


Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Operational efficiency and scalability peaked at 54% with the successful execution and launch of the new verticals.


Cost Saving:

Our staff augmentation helped the client save costs on both hiring and deployment by as much as 32%.


With the vertical launches, the travel brand has strengthened its hold in the competitive travel and tourism industry. The brand continues to work with the staff we aligned with within the past few months. We aim to continue to add value across their upcoming verticals and foster collective progress and success. Through them, we aspire to delight travellers worldwide with our innovative offerings and unwavering commitment to excellence.