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Java Developers’ hiring helps Yatra launch New Verticals

Yatra sought to optimise and improve its B2B verticals with the help of skilled Java developers and analysts.

7 Days

Quick Hiring


Massive Saving


Partner Satisfaction
Staff Augmentation
Service Provided
Company Size

Business Challenge

We connected with Yatra for certain urgent staffing requirements. Their team's primary challenge was hiring more expert Java developers in-house. Another challenge was to onboard developers who could facilitate rapid deployment and give quick results. They connected with several staff augmentation agencies without fruitful progress to resolve this. After several attempts, their team finally approached us to help them onboard experienced developers and a QA profile for their priority projects.


From scoping calls to interviews and finally allocating 5 resources, we catered to complete the augmentation needs of Yatra within 1 week of engagement. 


Day 1

Our staff augmentation experts had discussions with their team to gather an in-depth understanding of the project requirements for better shortlisting of resources.


Day 2

We next connected with our partner agencies for profile shortlisting for QA and Java developers with a minimum of 3 years of experience.


Day 5

We next shortlisted profiles after taking rigorous tests and interviews of 25+ potential candidates to cater to Yatra’s requirements. Candidates who cleared the test and interviews with EMB’s team had another round of interviews with Yatra’s technical team.


Day 7

Within a week, we managed to help them shortlist and onboard 5 resources, including 1 full-time resource. We also managed the onboarding process, including the remuneration of the resources.


Our quick work helped Yatra not just quicken the development process but also save costs and elevate satisfaction.

7 Days

Quick Hiring

We managed to fill their open positions with developers and QA in just 7 days. The work on the project started right away to help them save critical time.


Massive Saving

Our quick deployment saved 37% of their costs which they would have otherwise incurred on research and development and onboarding staff beyond the actual requirements.


Partner Satisfaction

Our augmented staff managed to complete the development and launch within a few weeks which led to enhanced partner satisfaction as measured through feedback and retention rates.


Yatra continues to work with the developers and QA we aligned with them in August 2023. With another 6 months in sight in our partnership, we aim to continue to add value across verticals on their B2B platform and foster progress and success. We look forward to helping them with more resources to onboard for their other projects across several other tech stacks.