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How QA augmentation helped improve a fintech startup’s product

Expand My Business collaborated with a dynamic fintech startup, committed to delivering cutting-edge financial solutions to the working class, to provide them with the right staff for Quality Analysis (QA) processes.


Reduction in Post-release Defects:


Accelerated Time-to-Market:


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:
Staff Augmentation
Service Provided
Company Size

Business Challenge

The major problem that the startup faced was insufficient internal QA resources and expertise to conduct thorough testing of their recently developed product and ensure product quality. Increasing demands for rapid product development and deployment led to limited time for comprehensive QA testing. Another pressing point was the need to adhere to industry-standard QA practices and regulatory compliance requirements to ensure product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

The startup was looking for tailored QA staff augmentation solutions that could conduct thorough analysis for their product built on MERN Stack and elevate their product quality to exceed customer expectations and we helped them with two contract-to-hire resources for this requirement with 5+ years of experience.


Skilled QA Professionals

We sourced 20+ skilled QA professionals with expertise on the MERN Stack and in manual and automated testing methodologies, software testing tools, and industry best practices.


Comprehensive Test Coverage

To ensure we provided the best resources, our team developed comprehensive test plans and strategies to ensure thorough testing coverage across different stages of the development lifecycle, including functional, regression, performance, and security testing.


Agile QA Processes

The QA resources finalised by their team were well-versed with agile QA processes of fintech products’ development workflows, enabling continuous testing and feedback loops to identify and address issues early in the development cycle.


Regulatory Compliance

We ensured adherence to industry-standard QA practices and regulatory compliance requirements, including GDPR and financial industry regulations, to ensure product reliability and data security.


The entire process of shortlisting QA resources and helping with their onboarding into the startup’s team was completed in a matter of just ten days.


Reduction in Post-release Defects:

Improved product quality and reliability through rigorous QA testing processes led to a 50% reduction in post-release defects and customer-reported issues.


Accelerated Time-to-Market:

Streamlined QA processes and efficient use of QA resources contributed to accelerated time-to-market for new features and product updates, meeting customer demands and market expectations.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction and loyalty hiked 71% through the delivery of high-quality products and seamless user experiences, driving positive customer reviews and referrals.


Our partnership with the fintech startup exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-notch QA staff augmentation solutions that elevate product quality and exceed customer expectations in the fintech industry. By augmenting the startup's QA team with skilled professionals we have empowered them to enhance their product's reliability, security, and performance. As the fintech landscape continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to supporting our clients' vision of delivering innovative financial solutions through rigorous quality assurance and continuous improvement.