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How our backend resources enhanced a Realty App’s Performance

We partnered with a leading real estate enterprise to optimize their app performance through strategic backend resource allocation.


Enhanced Website Speed:


Surge in Platform Reliability:


Enhanced Scalability:
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Business Challenge

Suboptimal app speed and performance led to high bounce rates and poor user experience. Lack of backend resources resulted in scalability limitations during peak traffic periods. Furthermore, complex app architecture and database structures require expert backend resource optimization to improve performance, and that was missing.

Our Solution

We aligned tailored backend resource optimization solutions to fit the real estate enterprise's app performance objectives and technical requirements.


Performance Analysis

Our internal team conducted a comprehensive performance analysis to identify the right backend resources for resolving the bugs on the app.


Scalability Planning

Our assigned resources were efficient in implementing scalable backend solutions that could handle peak traffic loads and ensure seamless app performance during high-demand periods.


Database Optimization

The onboarded resources also assisted in database queries, indexing, and caching mechanisms to reduce database load and improve app efficiency.


Full-time Resources Hiring

After successfully helping them onboard temporary resources to fix the backend errors, we also assisted them in hiring full-time technical resources with expertise in MERN Stack, Flutter and Node.js for their ongoing and upcoming projects.


The implementation of our backend resource optimization solutions resulted in significant improvements for the real estate enterprise and their app performance, in turn boosting the way customers interact with the platform.


Enhanced Website Speed:

A drastic improvement in the backend of the app led to a 56% improvement in loading times and an overall improvement in performance.


Surge in Platform Reliability:

The resources helped take the app reliability and uptime number to 34% with minimal downtime and disruptions even during peak traffic periods.


Enhanced Scalability:

Their efforts also helped scale the app to handle increased traffic loads, ensuring seamless browsing experiences for users during high-demand periods.


This esteemed real estate enterprise, committed to delivering exceptional online experiences for property seekers and investors, recognized the critical role of backend resources in ensuring app speed, reliability, and scalability. With a vision to enhance its digital presence and provide seamless browsing experiences, the enterprise engaged our expertise to strategically allocate backend resources and streamline its app infrastructure. We are glad that we could go one step ahead and even assist them in their hiring plans for onboarding resources with expertise in different tech stacks.