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How DevOps hiring helped a software firm streamline technical ops

Expand My Business collaborated with an emerging software firm to help them streamline their technical operations through strategic DevOps hiring solutions and accelerate their product delivery.


Reduced Deployment Time


Infrastructure Enhancement


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Staff Augmentation
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Business Challenge

Redundant tech-stack deployment processes led to delays and inefficiencies in product delivery. Due to siloed development and operations teams, there were communication gaps and collaboration challenges, which led to inadequate infrastructure scalability to handle dynamic workloads and fluctuating resource demands. Furthermore, limited adoption of CI/CD practices and automation tools hindered rapid and reliable software delivery.

Our Solution

Our team aligned two C2H DevOps resources to cater to the deployment inefficiencies and problems related to the infrastructure scalability.


Skilled DevOps Professionals

We sourced 18+ skilled DevOps engineers with expertise in automation, infrastructure as code, and CI/CD pipelines.


Technical Assessments and Interviews

All the sourced resources were put through rigorous rounds of technical assessments and interviews before shortlisting them and sharing the profiles with the firm’s technical hiring team.


Collaboration and Integration

Once the profiles were shortlisted and finalised, we worked towards a smooth collaboration between our aligned resources and with the development and operations teams for an in-depth understanding of the problem and then initiate the problem-solving process.


Infrastructure Automation

The resources were skilled in deployments of the infrastructure automation tools and in practices to provision, configure, and manage infrastructure resources efficiently.


The DevOps engineers aligned by EMB’s staff augmentation team to the firm completed the deployment process within a matter of just two months as opposed to the project timeline of four and a half months.


Reduced Deployment Time

Streamlined and automated deployment processes undertaken by the engineers reduced deployment times by 52% and minimised errors and downtime.


Infrastructure Enhancement

The resources helped enhance infrastructure to 80% and scale the product to be able to handle dynamic workloads and fluctuating demands, ensuring reliable performance during peak periods.



Our staff augmentation services helped the firm save on their fixed costs and reduce 35% costs as opposed to the initially allocated budgets.


Our partnership with the logistics firm exemplifies our commitment to aligning top-notch talent with expertise in technical operations and accelerating product delivery. With our strategic hiring of engineers for implementing robust DevOps practices, we have empowered the firm to optimize their development workflows, improve deployment efficiency, and deliver high-quality software solutions to their customers.