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How Branding and Design Revitalized Our F&B Client's Image

In partnership with a dynamic F&B client nestled in the heart of Riyadh, we decided to step in to redefine the client's brand image and design aesthetics.


Increase in Footfall:


Increase in Positive Feedback:


Surge in Average Transactional Value: Surge in Average Transactional Value:
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Business Challenge

The client faced the challenge of staying relevant and distinctive in a fiercely competitive market, where culinary experiences were abundant and consumer preferences constantly evolved. With an outdated brand image and design aesthetic, the client struggled to capture the attention of discerning diners and convey the essence of its culinary vision. The imperative was clear - to embark on a revitalization journey that would breathe new life into the brand and ignite a fresh wave of interest among patrons.

Our Solution

Harnessing our expertise in branding and design, Expand My Business devised a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate the F&B client's brand image and design aesthetics.


Brand Identity Refinement

A meticulous analysis of the client's brand values and unique selling propositions (USPs) paved the way for a fresh and refined brand identity, encompassing a refreshed logo, color palette, and brand messaging that aligned seamlessly with the client's culinary ethos.


Visual Design Overhaul

A comprehensive visual design overhaul was undertaken, encompassing menu designs, signage, packaging, and digital assets, to create a cohesive and visually compelling brand experience that resonated with patrons.


Interior Design Consultation

Collaborative consultation on interior design elements, including decor, furnishings, and ambience, ensured that the physical space reflected the brand's identity and enhanced the overall dining experience for patrons.


Brand Communication Strategy

A strategic brand communication strategy was developed to amplify the client's renewed brand image across various touchpoints, including social media, website, and promotional materials, fostering brand awareness and engagement among target audiences.


The transformative impact of our branding and design endeavors echoed throughout the F&B client's ecosystem.


Increase in Footfall:

There was a notable 30% increase in foot traffic and patronage within the first month of unveiling the refreshed image and design, reflecting heightened interest and engagement among diners.


Increase in Positive Feedback:

Enhanced brand perception and affinity were registered, with a 40% increase in customer satisfaction scores and positive feedback.


Surge in Average Transactional Value: Surge in Average Transactional Value:

Tangible business growth and revenue uplift took place, with a 20% increase in average transaction value and repeat visits attributed to the enhanced brand appeal and immersive dining experiences.


Our partnership with the F&B client has not only reimagined but elevated the culinary landscape for them in the region. We are glad we could fuel their growth trajectory with innovative branding and design solutions. This has authentically elevated the brand image to help them get more customers interested and relate it with delivering a premium experience.