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How a digital kiosk fostered learning for an ed-tech startup

Expand My Business collaborated with an innovative Edtech startup in the MENA region to develop a cutting-edge digital kiosk aimed at fostering interactive learning experiences for students.


Increase in Student Interaction:


Surge in Knowledge Retention:


Educator Empowerment:
Education Technology
Digital Kiosk Development and Integration
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Business Challenge

Difficulty in maintaining student engagement and attention in traditional lecture-based learning environments led to passive learning experiences and reduced knowledge retention. There was an increasing demand for personalized learning experiences tailored to individual student needs, learning styles, and academic abilities. This also resulted in a need to facilitate interactive learning activities and collaborative projects to promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills among students.

Our Solution

We decided to cater to their requirement through the transformative potential of digital kiosks in enhancing classroom engagement, delivering personalized learning experiences, and facilitating interactive learning activities.


Interactive Content Creation

We curated interactive educational content, including multimedia presentations, quizzes, simulations, and virtual labs, tailored to different subjects and grade levels.


Touchscreen Kiosk Design

We designed and developed a user-friendly touchscreen kiosk interface with intuitive navigation and interactive features, enabling students to access educational content and engage in interactive learning activities.


Gamified Learning Modules

We integrated gamification elements and rewards systems within the digital kiosk to incentivize student participation, promote healthy competition, and enhance motivation and engagement.


Real-time Progress Tracking

Real-time progress tracking and analytics tools were integrated within the digital kiosk to enable educators to monitor student progress, identify learning gaps, and provide timely interventions and support.


The implementation of our digital kiosk solutions showed significant results for the interactive learning initiatives undertaken by the startup.


Increase in Student Interaction:

Increased student engagement and participation in classroom activities through interactive learning experiences was facilitated via the digital kiosk, with a 40% increase in student interaction and collaboration.


Surge in Knowledge Retention:

This resulted in improved academic performance and learning outcomes among students, with a 35% surge in knowledge retention and understanding of key concepts across different subjects.


Educator Empowerment:

Besides benefits for the students, it also empowered educators with actionable insights and real-time progress-tracking tools, enabling data-driven decision-making and personalized support for student learning.


By adding an innovative digital kiosk to their existing learning methodologies, we have enabled the startup to reform education, enhance classroom engagement, and inspire lifelong learning among students. We continue to support the client's vision of transforming education through technology and delivering personalized and immersive learning experiences that prepare students for success in the digital future.