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Event Marketing helps Outlook ramp up attendee participation

Outlook wanted to drive event registrations and increase attendee participation through strategic event marketing solutions.


Increased Event Registrations


Surge in Audience Engagement


Enhanced Data-Driven Insights
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Event Marketing
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Business Challenge

As a leading media organization, Outlook regularly hosts local events to engage with its audience and foster community interaction. However, they faced difficulty in reaching a diverse audience and attracting attendees beyond their existing subscriber base. To maximize event attendance and ensure the success of their local events, Outlook engaged our expertise in event marketing to reach a wider audience, drive event registrations and also to streamline the entire process of inviting participation for the event.


After an in-depth understanding of the event and the key features and programmes of each, we tailored personalized solutions for their objectives to reach the target audience.


Audience Segmentation

We first segmented the target audience based on demographics, interests, and geographic location to tailor marketing messages and content for maximum relevance and engagement.


Compelling Content Creation

Based on our research and segmentation, we created compelling event-related content and multimedia assets to showcase the value and unique selling points of Outlook's events and encourage audience participation.


Multi-Channel Promotion

We developed and carried out multi-channel promotional campaigns leveraging email marketing, social media advertising, and WhatsApp marketing to reach a wider audience.


Performance Tracking

We implemented robust tracking and analytics mechanisms to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as event registration numbers, attendee demographics, and engagement metrics to alter campaigns for maximum results continually.


The implementation of our event marketing solutions resulted in significant improvements for Outlook India and their local events, including:


Increased Event Registrations

Outlook registered a substantial increase in event registration numbers, with a 60% rise in attendee participation compared to previous events, exceeding their expectations.


Surge in Audience Engagement

Improved audience engagement and interaction with event-related content and promotional campaigns led to higher levels of anticipation among attendees.


Enhanced Data-Driven Insights

Access to valuable data and insights on attendee demographics, interests, and preferences enabled their team to refine their event marketing strategies and tailor future events for maximum impact and audience satisfaction.


By leveraging multi-channel promotion, audience segmentation, compelling content creation, and influencer partnerships, we helped Outlook enhance the success of its events and strengthen audience engagement. As the media landscape continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to supporting Outlook's target of conducting impactful and engaging events that resonate with their audience and drive business growth.