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Sustainable startup reaches new audiences through Influencers

We collaborated with a forward-thinking sustainable startup dedicated to environmental stewardship and eco-conscious living by reusing and recycling waste generated from the hospitality industry.


Surge in Brand Awareness:


Increase in Engagement:


Enhanced Website Traffic:
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Business Challenge

The sustainable startup faced the challenge of gaining visibility and traction in a lesser-known space, where eco-friendly products were abundant, but consumer awareness and adoption varied. They needed to forge authentic connections with consumers who shared their values and beliefs. They also wanted to make their audience conscious of the hazardous impact of the aforementioned industry. The imperative was clear - to leverage the influence of trusted voices and thought leaders to amplify their message and reach new audiences.

Our Solution

We called upon our expert agencies in influencer marketing to craft, coordinate and deliver strategic influencer partnership campaigns for greater visibility and audience engagement.


Influencer Identification

A meticulous selection process helped us identify influencers and thought leaders whose values and audience demographics aligned with those of the sustainable startup, ensuring authenticity and relevance in influencer partnerships.


Collaborative Campaigns

Strategic collaborations with influencers were orchestrated to co-create engaging and authentic content that showcased the startup's eco-friendly products and highlighted their sustainable impact, fostering genuine connections with their audiences.


Community Engagement

Active engagement and interaction with influencer communities, including Q&A sessions, giveaways, and interactive challenges, facilitated meaningful conversations around sustainability and eco-conscious living, driving brand affinity and advocacy.


Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Continuous monitoring and optimization of campaigns based on real-time performance data allowed for agile adjustments and maximized ROI, ensuring optimal reach and engagement among the youth audiences.


The impact of our influencer partnerships campaign was profound, with heightened engagement from their target “Gen Z” and garnered more engagement for the startup.


Surge in Brand Awareness:

A notable 44% increase in brand awareness and social media reach was registered within the first month of launching the partnerships, amplifying the startup's visibility and resonance within eco-conscious communities.


Increase in Engagement:

Enhanced audience engagement metrics, including a 60% improvement in likes, comments, and shares on influencer-generated content across Meta, reflecting heightened interaction and affinity towards the startup's sustainable message.


Enhanced Website Traffic:

A substantial expansion of the startup's audience base was seen with a 37% increase in website traffic and conversions attributed to influencer-driven referrals and advocacy.


In the inspiring narrative of sustainability advocacy, our partnership with the startup has not only realized but surpassed expectations, propelling them to the forefront of the environmental movement and igniting a wave of change in consumer behavior. Each influencer collaboration signifies a step towards environmental stewardship and each consumer's embrace of eco-conscious lifestyle contributes to their vision of shaping a future where sustainability is a way of life.